What users say about Kuula

  • Kuula has been an indispensable tool for our business for over five years, helping us create magnificent virtual tours for our clients. Its versatile platform allows us to seamlessly integrate additional content such as videos, photos, and Matterport tours, enhancing the overall experience for our audience. As an all-in-one solution, Kuula has streamlined our workflow and elevated the quality of our offerings. We love Kuula and highly recommend it to anyone looking to create stunning virtual tours!
    Michael O’ReillyAerialShutter, Costa Rica
  • Kuula provides an amazing virtual tour software that has been a game-changer for my business. With its intuitive design and powerful features, I've been able to create engaging and immersive virtual tours that helped me close deals with clients worth over $100K. The support and guidance have been top-notch, making the entire process seamless and successful. I highly recommend Kuula for anyone looking to elevate their digital presence and win big clients!
    Sean BoyleManaging Partner, Momentum 360
  • Ease of use is exemplified throughout the platform. Keeping the user in mind the code transitions well as the user beginner to pro gets the program up and running. Customer support is second to none and reminds me of how Apple software was in the past. Great to work with this team and look forward to being involved with future development!
    Marc AllainEntrepreneur
  • Thank you Kuula for a MARVELOUS product! We are using a 360 camera along with our 2D aerial imagery from helicopters and drones and combining it all with Kuula to show construction progress and transparency with the public. We will be Kuula users for a long, long time!
    Kurt StilesWashington State Department Of Transportation
  • It's the best virtual tour software. Easy to use. Fair price. Lots of customization. Easy to ingrate into social media and websites. Clients love it.
    ForrestAviation & Aerospace Industry
  • During Covid19 lots of art galleries were closed. Kuula helped us to create online exhibitions with unlimited artwork capacity. It was amazing to share link, to see how many visitors we had. It's a great solution for art exhibitions.
    Ahmet Rüstem EkiciArtist
  • Very stable and intuitive software. Always available. Has all the necessary functions to run a virtual fair. Nice service and support. I am a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend Kuula to everyone!
    Pawel SudolExhibition and stand designer
  • I love your application. As a non-techie, I found it quite easy to use. The support was excellent. You clearly have a great product!
    Clare CollinsStaging Company
  • I Luv Kuula, easy & fun to use & make superb tours with my Mavic & Insta360 content. The customer service is 5 stars, oh & it's almost free, I'm staying with their service.
    JP PeckDrone Photographer
  • I started using Kuula last year after searching for a good online platform to put together architectural visualization presentations. My presentations use both flat and 360 degree 3d modeled spaces and the features Kuula offers make uploading, designing custom interfaces, linking and posting effortless. I use custom hotspots with client's logos, easily done! Sharing links to even non public presentations is simple. Viewing either on the web using a computer or ipad is straight forward as is posting links on my web site. Viewing my presentations in various VR gear is amazing to do. A client just used a recent presentation at a project opening event with ipads and four headsets for everyone to view the new project and things went smoothly!
    Robert BeckerPresident at Robert Becker Architectural Rendering + Visualization
  • Kuula is a fantastic tool that should be used by more Realtors. I loved that I could easily create virtual tours of my listings for my clients myself and saved me thousands of dollars.
    CandaceReal Estate Agent
  • I started to use Kuula for Real Estate, its great, but then I used it to create tagged maps, even presentations with a lot of linked metadata. I think the service will be underrated if someone thinks that's just for Real Estate.
    PedroDesigner, Architecture & Planning
  • After research, I opted to use Kuula for the software's features and facilities. Great monthly fee. Always with new updates. Quality service. I do not exchange for any other software.
    Gerson Luis PantaleaoReal Estate Photographer
  • I have tried every platform I can find for creating intuitive, beautiful online virtual tours, and kept coming back to Kuula. It has all the features, functionality, and ease of use I'm looking for when producing virtual tours for clients. I heartily recommend them.
    Jesse ThorstadBusiness Owner
  • Kuula is user friendly and very easy to use for publishing property virtual tours. The Customer Technical support is also very helpful and responsive to the customer's requests.
    AldrickDivision Director Real Estate
  • Great experience. We were able to provide great new feature to our clients thanks to Kuula!
    IndiraDesigner, Architecture & Planning
  • Kuula - what a fine find! We loved how easy it was to both learn and then use. We completed a short, rebuild of our three, school virtual tours and replaced the old with the new on our publicly facing website. We love how intuitive the design and layout was in Kuula and how helpful the help files were. I can think of only Kuula Kudos now, so thank you to the creators and developers of this very fine product. Very well done!
    BrianEducation Management
  • We experimented with a number of platforms but they did not have the ease of use and versatility Kuula offers. Kuula has everything you need to produce a virtual tour and make it as basic, complex or as intuitive as you like. There is an inspiring community producing amazing interactive content though the platform and the Kuula team is extremely supportive in promoting our content and increasing global awareness.
    CormacArchaeologist, Environmental Services
  • Kuula is easy to use, extremely customizable and offers a number of features that make it the leader among virtual tour hosting services. I have uploaded all my tours and 360° interactive photos and definitely recommend it.
    Jason WiegandDrone Photography
  • Kuula is undeniably the best 360° image platform online, hands down. Their work means that Beaumonde can deliver cutting-edge creative projects to clients with the latest and greatest features.
    Shep BryanBeaumonde Interactive Marketing