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Branding and Whitelisting

Kuula PRO and Business users can add custom branding to their tours and posts:

  • PRO subscribers can add their own logo.
  • Business customers can add multiple logos, a different one to each exported link.

Here's a quick guide on how to use this feature and all that it entails.

Accessing the Export Editor

Custom branding can be done in the Export Editor. To access it, go to any post or tour, click Share and when the popup window with sharing options shows up, select Get link or embed code.

After clicking the button, you will land in the Export Editor.

Customer branding and whitelisting options are available in the Branding section. Here are the available options:

Hide the INFO button

PRO & Business users can hide the button that shows the photo credits, description and location info.


The Logo dropdown offers four choices:

  • Kuula logo - the player will show the Kuula logo. This is the default option for free users.
  • Your logo - PRO and Business users can use this option to add a personal or company logo. There's one logo per account, so if you change it here, it will be automatically updated on all previous embeds and links you have. To upload a logo or change the current one, click on the link that shows up below the dropdown when this option is selected:
  • Client's logo - this feature is available to Business users. You can upload and choose from multiple logos and use a different one for each of your clients.
  • No branding - this option is available for PRO and Business users. With this option, there will be no logo in the player and all the addons (hotspots, images) that are marked as "Contains branding" will be hidden as well.

Logo size

You can adjust the size of the logo using this slider.

Copying the link or embed code

Once you are happy with the settings, copy the link or code from the text box on the left side of the screen. On mobile, that box can be found at the bottom of the screen.

The available options are explained in detail in the Export Options article.