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Viewing content in Virtual Reality

Kuula offers support for browsing in Virtual Reality (VR). This feature gives you the possibility to see your 360 content in an immersive way using Meta Quest headsets or an mobile phone (Android or iOS) with a cardboard or plastic VR headsets.

For mobile VR, we recommend using Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. VR should work fine in most other browser as well, but some browsers may not support it.

The VR button

If you open a tour or a post on Kuula using a device that supports VR, look for the VR button at the bottom of the screen:

Once you tap on it, the VR mode will be activated and you can insert your phone into your headset. This mode is supported on both Android and iOS devices and with any cardboard headset as well as with Google Daydream headsets.

Meta Quest Browser

Meta Quest headsets come with a built-in, fully VR-capable web browser, refered to simply as the Browser app in that system. You can access Kuula by navigating to using that browser.

Once you open our page and find the post or tour you want to view in VR, click on the VR icon in the top right menu and you will be taken directly into VR mode.

From there you can look around and use gaze navigation to move from one post to the next. For more information about those headsets, please refer to this tutorial.


Our support for VR on any device depends on whether the software on that device correctly implements the WebXR standard. WebXR is still an experimental technology and not all devices support it in full.

Other VR headsets were supported by Kuula in the past, but they have been discontinued by their manufacturer.

For all those reasons, we do not guarantee correct functioning of Kuula VR on the folllowing devices: HTC VIVE, Pico, Apple Vision PRO, some Android phones, original Meta Quest 1, Oculus Go & Samsung Gear VR.

Finally, since VR is only supported on VR headsets and mobile phones, the VR button is disabled on all desktop, laptop computers and tablets.