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Each post you upload to Kuula has a small thumbnail/cover image generated by default. The thumbnail can be customized in the editor at any time. You can either take a snapshot from any direction within the panorama or upload a custom image that will be used as a thumbnail.

Thumbnails are used in several places across the Kuula app, these include:

  • Profile page grid
  • Thumbnail bar
  • Title screen in the shared links and the embedded player
  • Preview image on social media
  • In grids on Kuula Business pages

Changing the thumbnail

You can change or update the thumbnail in the Thumbnail section in the editor, as pictured below:

The available options are:

  • Snapshot a new thumbnail will be generated from the current panoramic view.
  • Tiny Planet a new thumbnail will be generated from the tiny planet view. This view can be adjusted in the Tiny Planet tab, on top of the editor.
  • Upload custom PRO you can upload a custom image to be used as a thumbnail. A specific size or aspect ratio is not required, but the image will be cropped to a square format in the app.
  • Revert this function simply cancels any changes you made and reverts to the previously used thumbnail.