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Multi-factor authentication

multi-factor authentication (MFA in short) is a powerful feature that can greatly increase the security of your Kuula account. MFA adds a solid layer of security to your setup. We recommend it to everyone!

You can enable MFA in on your Password & security settings - the toggle is located at the bottom of that page. When you turn the button on, you will see a dialog similar to this:

The setup is pretty simple, here are the steps:

  1. Download and install an authenticator app on your phone (some recommendations below)
  2. Open the authenticator app and scan the QR code or manually enter the 16-character code.
  3. Once added to the app, enter the current 6-digit code in the confirmation text box.
  4. Press the ENABLE button to activate.

If you login with Facebook, you will need to set a password before you can enable MFA. With MFA enabled, you will no longer be able to login using the Facebook login button.

Once this feature is enabled, you will need to provide the 6-digit authentication code every time you login.

You can disable that feature on the Password & security page at any time.

MFA Recovery

Kuula does not offer a way to disable or reset multi-factor authentication without providing a valid 6-digit code. Even if you reset your password, the system will still ask you to provide the code when logging in with your new password. This means that:

If you can't provide the 6-digit code, you will be locked out from your Kuula account.

For this reasons, we strongly suggest that you use an authenticator app that provides backup functionality. This way, in case your phone is lost or damaged, you will be able to restore your multi-factor authentication codes on another device.

Recommended authenticator apps

Kuula supports the majority of authenticator apps available. If you already use multi-factor authentication on other websites and have a favorite app to generate the codes, you can use it for Kuula as well. Please just check if your app offers a backup feature.

If you do not use an authenticator app yet or if your app doesn't offer backup, please consider using one of our recommendations below: