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Tour Menu

The Tour Menu can be used to add shortcuts to one or more "hero" posts in the tour. It can be the first post in the tour (the "Home" post), one or more floor plans or any other post that you deem important for the tour navigation. The latter category may include, for example, a lobby in a hotel, an entrance to a store or the main living room in a house or a condo.

If there are any posts added to the menu, you will see the menu icon similar to the one on the screenshot below. You can also see it live in this demo tour.

Adding posts to the menu

To add a post to the menu, go to the Edit tour section and check the Add to menu button on each post that you want to add to the menu. If the button is green, the post will be added to the menu. The posts will appear in the menu in the order you select them on this screen.

Once you add at least one post to the plan menu, the Plan button will show up in the tour. Clicking on it will take the users to the selected post, or if multiple posts are added, it will open a small expand menu where you can choose which post to go to.

The red icon next to the "Add to menu" button allows you to hide the post from the thumbnail view. It is not related to the menu button that is next to it, but they can be used together. For example, you can hide a post from the bar and show it only in the menu. For more information, please refer to this blog post and the Tour Settings tutorial.

Customizing the menu button

By default, the menu icon is a "Floor plan" and the label simply says "Plan". However, you can customize both the icon and the label in the Tour Settings. The available options are illustrated below:

You can select one of the five available icons: Floor plan, Folded map, Menu, Home & Shortcut. You can also set the label for the icon, which is optional. If you do not set a label, a default label will be used depending on the icon you selected.