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Duplicate a tour PRO

Duplicating tours can be a very useful function that increases your productivity. It allows you to quickly create and work on multiple versions of a virtual tour. You can use it to test different options with your client or to create different language versions of your tour for example.

How to create a copy of a tour?

It's very easy. First, navigate to your profile section and select the Tours tab. Next, find the tour you want to duplicate and open the context menu as shown above. From the dropdown, select Duplicate and confirm the dialog. That's it!

Editing a duplicated tour

After the copy is created, you'll be taken to the Edit Tour screen. Here you can rename the copied tour. By default, it will have the same name as the original tour prefixed with the word "Copy" in parentheses, as shown below:

When you are done with editing the settings of the duplicated tour, you can hit Save and then exit this screen. The duplicated tour will appear on the topmost position in your Tours tab.

You can edit the duplicate as any other virtual tour. You can change the hotspots, labels and descriptions of the posts or change the tour settings such as transitions, audio background, etc... You can also set the privacy of the copy to be different from the original.

Copies vs originals

Changes made to the copy will not affect the original and vice-versa - changes made to the original, will not affect the copy.

Specifically, you can add, remove or re-order posts in the copied tour and it will not affect the original.

You can delete the copied tour at any time and it will not impact the original. Similarly, you can delete the original and it will not impact any copies made from it. You can also create multiple copies of a single tour or duplicate the copies in turn.

This feature is available to Kuula PRO and Business subscribers.