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Animated Transitions

All tours and collections come with several types of transitions between images that you can choose from.

Tour settings page

The tour settings page can be accessed from the bottom thumbnail bar when you are viewing a tour, by clicking on the Edit Tour button. On the next screen, select the Tour Settings below the description and the transition type dropdown will be the second option:

You can select the transition type from the dropdown below the description field. Available options include:

  • Crossfade

    This is the default transition on all new tours. The effect smoothly fades one photo out and the next one in.

  • Walk-in

    Walk-in combines a crossfade effect with a zoom in and works best for real estate tours, where the photos are taken in close proximity.

  • Radial fade

    Radial fade will reveal the new image in a radial wipe from the center of the image to the edges.

  • Fly-in

    Fly-in combines radial fade with a zoom effect. This transition works great for tours where the distance between photos is larger, but they are still related to each other (i.e. done in the same physical location).

  • Vertical wipe

    The images transition with a smooth wipe moving from left to right. This subtle effect works great for regular, (i.e. non-360 photos) or 360 photos that are unrelated to each other.

  • Clock wipe

    Similar to vertical wipe, it reveals the new image in a smooth circular move. This one was designed by our team for all the Star Wars fans out there!

  • Dot Effect

    This fancy transition effect is a bit of an experiment. We hope that at least some of you will like it.

  • No Transition

    Finally, if you prefer to not have any transition at all you can choose this option. This will fade the photo to black and fade the next photo in when it loads.

Here's a video presenting all the transition effects.

Saving changes

When you adjust the settings the way you want, just hit the SAVE button in the top right corner. If you change your mind and don't want to apply the changes, you can hit CANCEL button that is right next to it.