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Login with Google & Facebook

Google or Facebook login offer a quick and secure alternative to the email & password option. This article explains how it works and what you need to know about this feature.

Facebook and Google registration

If you choose to sign-up with Google or Facebook, our system will pull the email associated with your Facebook account and automatically generate a username for you. You can later change the username on the Profile Settings page.

Please always check the email address on your Kuula Profile Settings used after registering with Facebook or Google. If you notice that the listed email address is not active or that you no longer have access to this email, you should update it to avoid being locked out of your account.

Linking Facebook and Google to existing accounts

If you already have a Kuula account, you can connect it to Facebook or Google. This option is available at the bottom on the Profile Settings page.

Unlinking from Facebook or Google

On that same screen you can choose to unlink your Facebook or Google accounts. Before you can do that however, you will need to add a password to your Kuula account, if you have not done that previously.

After you unlink your social accounts from Kuula, we recommend that you can also remove the Kuula app from the list of connected apps on in Facebook and Google settings.

For Facebook, the list can be found under the Apps and websites section of the settings page. For Google, you will find in in the Connections section of your Google Account console.

Adding a password

You can add a password to your Kuula account and start logging in using your email or user name instead of the Facebook or Google login buttons. To add a password, navigate to the Password & security section after you login and follow the instructions on top of that page.

We strongly recommend that you add a password to your account even if you use Google or Facebook for login. This will prevent a situation when you can no longer login to your Kuula account when, for any reason, you lose access to your social accounts.

Login with Facebook or Google

If you register with Facebook or Google or link your accounts to Kuula as explained above, you can start using the network login buttons on on return visits:

Google Street View publishing

Connecting Google (or Facebook) is not mandatory and you do not need to link your social accounts to Kuula in order to use most of the platform features.

However, if you plan to publish your content to Google Street View, you will need to connect your Google account to Kuula. This feature is covered in depth in a separate tutorial.